Rehearsal Dinner

Where to go for your Gold Coast wedding rehearsal dinner

The tradition of a rehearsal dinner for your wedding is a growing tradition in Australia. It’s usually the follow up to the wedding ceremony rehearsal, the day before the big day.

The ceremony rehearsal is made up of the members of the wedding party. The follow up rehearsal dinner is typically for the entire wedding party and their spouses or significant other. Some people like to also include the parents of the bride and groom and any children who are taking part in the wedding.

If you’re sticking with tradition, it is the groom’s parents who usually organise and pay for the rehearsal dinner.A rehearsal dinner can be a great opportunity for both families to get together in a setting that is not a hectic as things will probably be on the actual wedding day.

The rehearsal dinner can be as formal or informal as you choose and can be for a full dinner, cocktails, or even for hors d’oeuvres.

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