Why would you need videography at your wedding

There are some things a wedding cannot do without. Topping any wedding list is the cake, location, wedding dress, photography, etc. Filming is not always part of the equation. But those who choose not to have their wedding filmed are missing out on a lot more than they realize. The benefits of filming your wedding far outweigh the extra costs involved.
You are going to be very busy on that day. And you will miss way more than you could ever imagine. Video cameras don’t miss a trick. They see all that you see and especially what you don’t see. Not only is it a living, moving memory, but you will be very pleasantly surprised at seeing what you missed on the day. Especially when you watch all of the special messages and well wishes from everyone. Photographs cannot capture the living, breathing, intimacy of your vows, or the moment where the groom first sees his beautiful bride; the cheers to the words “You may now kiss the bride,” the laughter, the speeches, the special wishes, the music… How could anyone do without those things on what may well be the single most important day of your life?
Think about every time you show someone photographs. There is some ooo’s and ahh’s and laughs and “I remember that’s,” But not really a lot of emotion. Photos are lovely captured moments, frozen in time. They cannot compare to a video when it comes to emotion. When is the last time you watched an emotionally moving film that was just photographs all the way through? It wouldn’t be the same would it? Photographs say “I had a beautiful wedding.” Video says this is my wedding, and you are now there with me reliving not only every one of your special moments, but every special moment that you missed.

Not only that, but the latest high definition technology of the video cameras is nothing short of utter brilliance in color and clarity these days. And videographers today have taken on the big movie screen style of editing, making your day even more profound. You will never see your wedding like this. Have a look at this sample, look at the big movie style of editing, and try to pick out every scene that you would have missed on your day if it wasn’t for the camera capturing it for you.